List of WINNER Fansites

I decided to compile all WINNER members’ fansites. It took me a while to compile all these. lol If there’s missing fansites that I wasn’t able to put here, you can comment below or tweet me via @wineoyousei so I can edit this and include it here ^0^ Thank you!



[TUTORIAL] Sign Up in Genie + Stream Songs

Hello! So.. I decided to make a tutorial on how to SIGN UP & Stream songs in Genie (a Korean Music Site). Through here, you can stream songs of the groups you like (if you have streaming tickets/coupon) and also help them climb up in the charts!

The example I will make one now is for WINNER ^^ If you have bought WINNER’s 2014 S/S Limited Album, I’m sure you get a streaming ticket/coupon like this:


Using this coupon, you can stream to their songs 100 times! 🙂 Well, then.. LET’S START!


Naver fancafe: Good news!

Whoop Whhooop! Idk if this is good news for you guys but for me, IT IS!^^ The LSH fancafe manager made a new board/thread for International Fans to communicate! ^.^ They are so niceeee! They are happy to have International fans joining the fancafe ❤

Soooooooo! After doing the “Join Greeting” I made in the other post, you can navigate throughout the site, right? And also, you can go to 해외팬모임 board that the fancafe provided for us ❤ You can share anything there! Pictures, Videos, Any texts, etc. It’s a free board so please write freely! ^___^ (Be sure not to spam though^^)

How to do it: (just click the photo to view the full size and to see the texts clearly)


[FANART] Mom Seungyoon to the rescue!

This the continuation of the fanart – CUTIE TAEHYUN AND DIVA NAM – The story of Cutie Taehyun who wants to buy the shirt he likes but the Eonni who sells the shirt mocked him T^T Hahahaha So here it is! Kang Mom to the rescueeeeeeeee!!!!


Like I said in my other post.. credits to the owner!! I got that from Team A Daum fancafe! All I did was to put english trans so..people can enjoy and laugh with me! hihihhi. And also.. M_i_nong unnie translated the last part for me since I am not sure of my trans so yeah~ Thanks unnie for the help! I hope you guys had a nice laugh!^^ Ppyong!

[FANART] Cutie Taehyun and Diva Nam


This is tooooo cute and funny!! kekeke Cutie Taehyun and Diva Nam <33333 LOL I love Taehyun so much ^0^ This fanart is NOT MINE. I just put translations to it. Note: My trans may not be accurate, sorry in advance! ^^ FULL CREDITS GOES TO THE OWNER OF THIS FANART!!! (Idk who’s the owner coz I just saw this around Twitter and Daum fancafe) Thanks for sharing <333